Why our money's on Up for Review to win the Grand National

It's Grand National weekend again, which means it's time for us to use some ever-so-slightly spurious behavioural science to help you choose a horse that's been underrated by the bookies.

It works like this: imagine there are two horses in the race. One's called The Winner, the other's called The Loser. The first horse is likely to attract more bets, even though the name won't make it a better horse. So if you're a savvy gambler, you'll back The Loser. Better odds, equal chance of winning.

The difference here is there are 40 horses in the race. So we've got to get a bit creative about how we rule them out. Let's get started.

The horse that won last year will definitely be overrated. So that's first to go:

Tiger Roll

Horses with names that suggest speed, strength, superpowers or victory will be overrated too. So they're gone too:

Anibale Fly

Go Conquer

Captain Redbeard

Bless the Wings

Warriors Tale

Magic of Light


Names that sound authoritative are out too:

Don Poli

Regal Encore

Noble Endeavor

Ramses de Teillee

Blue’s the UK’s favourite colour, so all the blue shirts have to go:


Rock the Kasbah

Jury Duty

Step Back


Walk In the Mill

Just a Par

Jockeys with stars on their shirts too (because only good things have stars):


Minella Rocco


One for Arthur

A Toi Phil

Monbeg Notorious

Tea for Two

Blow by Blow

Vieux Lion Rouge

Valseur Lido

General Principle

Folsom Blue

You might have heard of these, but that doesn’t mean they’re likely to win:

Vintage Clouds

Pleasant Company

Place names and people's names will get more attention than they deserve too:

Mala Beach



Joe Farrell

This has to go because everyone's got it dangling from the windowsill in the kitchen: 


Which leaves these poor, overlooked runners:

Lake View Lad

Up for Review

And out of those, our money's on Up for Review. The ideal name for downplaying expectations. And at 25-1 as we write, a pretty good bet too.

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