Can Lesley up your sales by 15%?

You won’t be surprised to learn the answer’s yes.

When big companies make people redundant, they often pay LHH to give those people coaching to help them get a new job. They get valuable help for free when they need it most.

They just need people to say ‘Yes, I’ll do it.’

A no-brainer, you’d think.

But redundancy’s a tricky time and a surprising number of people ignore the offer. LHH asked us to help nudge people into saying ‘yes’ with a bit of behavioural science.

It was our very first job, so with limited time and money, we threw the behavioural kitchen sink at their emails and voicemail scripts:

Social norms, reciprocity, pre-commitment, the power of free.
And we introduced them to Lesley.

Because we know concreteness is so persuasive, we wanted people to think about the sorts of coaches they might meet - like Lesley.

As a result, 15% more people said ‘yes’.
No-shows went down by 42%, saving their call centre teams three days each. 

Thanks, Lesley.

We put Schwa to the test, and they delivered. Their work has increased our sales, got more clients turning up to meetings with us, and saved us a load of work. And they got our team excited about behavioural science along the way, too.

Caroline Armstrong, operations director

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