What we do


When people learn with us, they change habits for good.

We’ve combined everything we know about communication with everything we know about behavioural science to create training sessions that stick.

We work with L&D teams to add communication modules to their curriculums. And we work directly with brand, business development, legal, HR and leadership teams to design and run tailored sessions. We train face-to-face and virtually, in anything from half an hour to a programmes over months.

We do one-to-one coaching, events for entire companies, and everything in between. And we partner with actors, authors and comedians to create comms masterclasses with a twist.

If you need to give your words a nudge, we’ve got seven core courses:

  • Brilliant business writing, based on Neil’s book
  • Making your tone of voice last
  • Leaders and language
  • HR, language and change
  • Writing winning pitches
  • The intro to behavioural science
  • Brilliant presenting

We’ll always tailor our workshops to you, but there are a few things our training sessions have in common. First: we won’t make you sit through hours of lectures. The ‘generation effect’ says you’re much more likely to remember ideas if you’ve made new connections yourself. So we’ll give you tools, techniques and plenty of behavioural experiments to try. But we won’t spoon-feed you.

And second, we’re not a one-workshop-wonder. We know how easy it is to leave a training session with good intentions, only to slip back into bad habits a few weeks later. ‘The spacing effect’ says you’re more likely to keep up the good work if you get tips, top-ups and reminders in the months after your first session. So our programmes come with plenty of follow-ups to help you along until you’ve really got into good habits.

“Schwa grabbed the team’s attention right from the outset – balancing fun with evidence, bringing relevant examples to life and challenging the way we about language and communication. Their effortless and effervescent style made the session a real joy and we still reference it when we’re thinking about how we speak and write.

I can’t recommend them highly enough – the sessions are such fun that you don’t notice just how transformative they are.”

Helen Lowe
Head of legal operations, Co-op

Who we work with

Give us a call on +44 (0)20 3890 7910 or email info@schwa.consulting to talk about how we could help you.