What we do


Somewhere along the road, the business world lost its way.

We know from behavioural science that if your writing is easy to follow and, dare we say it, maybe even a riveting read, people put more value on whatever you’re talking about. It’s called the fluency heuristic.

So why does most business writing fall over itself to be as boring and complicated as possible?


Writing that changes behaviour

First, three facts:

Concrete language makes you look more honest.

You’re more likely to remember the first and last things in a list.

The same message can get opposite reactions just because of the words you express it in.

There are hundreds of these psychological effects and biases guiding the way we react to the things we read.

We’ll help you make the most of them.


Proof that good writing works

We’ve proved the business benefit of writing with behavioural nous. Ask us how we helped Lee Hecht Harrison Penna’s salespeople boost sign-ups by 15%, and more than halve the number of no-shows to first meetings. All while saving them three days each a month.

What we write

Anything, really. But it’s usually one of these:

  • Websites
  • Customer journeys
  • Thought leadership
  • Suites of customer comms
  • Speeches
  • Key messages
  • Corporate values
  • Case studies
  • Brochures
  • Product sheets
  • User guides
  • Snappy headlines and straplines
  • Calls to action
  • Claims

“We put Schwa to the test, and they delivered. Their work has increased our sales, got more clients turning up to meetings with us, and saved us a load of work.

They challenged our language, and used psychology to nudge more people into responding. And they got our team excited about behavioural science along the way, too. ”


Caroline Armstrong
Operations director, Lee Hecht Harrison Penna

Who we work with

Give us a call on +44 (0)20 3890 7910 or email info@schwa.consulting to talk about how we could help you.