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Behavioural science

The thing about people is they often don’t do what they say, nor act how they think. For too long businesses have been trying to change the way people think in the hope it changes behaviour; it doesn’t.

Behavioural scientists work from the ground up, understanding people and their goals and translating them into behaviours. We get people doing the right behaviours (that’s the creative part, called ‘nudging’), then make sure they get measurable results, which is good for you and for your business.

So what people problems can we help solve? We’ve helped clients get more clicks, more sales, more people coming back, happier customers, more people through processes more easily, and customer waiting times down. If your problem has people involved in it, we know we can help.

Every brief is different. But big, small, internal, external, our process usually looks something like this.

We dig.  Using a combination of desk research, quant analysis, observation and interview, we learn what new behaviours you’re looking for, and what’s stopping them from happening.

We create. With you, your people and customers, we come up with ideas based on behavioural science. We consider things like template and communication design, environmental design, policy changes, and regulation.

We test. We know our ideas work, but we want you to be able to show your stakeholders they work too. We set up trials to prove whether our behaviour changes are having a positive effect and measure against your KPIs to show the value.

We make things stick. The job doesn’t end there. We’ll help you turn those behaviours into habits, making sure they’re baked into everyday work in a way that’s fun and easy. (Habits take, on average, 66 days to form, so this stage is vital to make sure the change lasts.

“We put Schwa to the test, and they delivered. Their work has increased our sales, got more clients turning up to meetings with us, and saved us a load of work.

They challenged our language, and used psychology to nudge more people into responding. And they got our team excited about behavioural science along the way, too. ”


Caroline Armstrong
Operations director, Lee Hecht Harrison Penna

Who we work with

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