We’re a team of psychologists, writers and trainers. We’ll help improve your customer experience, comms and culture - and measure the difference it makes.

Together we get people and businesses thinking, feeling and doing things differently.

We have no account managers, no project managers, no juniors. So you’ll always be working with the people who can get the job done.

Meet the team
Hannah Moffatt

Behavioural science bookworm, and part-time children's author.

Neil Taylor

His tombstone will say: 'He named Ocado'.

Alex Goldstein

The voice of detergent, ice cream, oil paint, margarine, and dogs.

Jim Horsley

Jim started out as a journalist, and now does everything but our writing.

Meg Roberts

Our ‘bit of everything’ person: tone of voice, training, naming and writing.

Nick Padmore

Goodbye PhD, hello tone of voice.

Alan Brookes

From physical theatre, to copy editor, to training guru.

Nick Ward

Our numbers expert (with a rock and roll back story).

We’d love to help you wrestle with your company’s conundrums.

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