The mere-exposure effect, or ‘the more we see it, the more we like it’

This is a psychological phenomenon that suggests we often grow to like things we’ve seen around a lot. It’s why you can think ‘meh’ about a song the first time we hear it and then grow to love it.

How do you use it?

If you need people to get on board with an idea, tell them about it at every opportunity. They’ll find it easier to grasp, and end up liking it more.

Where can you learn more about it?

There are lots of studies proving this one, particularly in the world of advertising. But it even works for how much we like other people. In a 1992 study called The Development of Affinity, a test group of students rated people they’d seen around campus before as much more attractive than people they hadn’t. (So if you’re trying to win someone over, hang in there.)

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