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Naming brands and products isn’t as easy as it seems. Your name has to sound right for your brand. It has to make customers happy. It has to make the leadership team and the employees happy.  It has to make lawyers happy. And it has to not mean something distasteful in Tamil.

We’ve been naming for years, and our team have managed to get some big names through this war of attrition, like Ocado, Intelligent Life magazine and Worklifelabs. If there’s one thing we’ve learned in the process, it’s that coming up with the name is the easy bit. Selling it in is where you really earn your keep.


Luckily, behavioural science gives us some useful tricks. We know people remember things that:

  • rhyme (the rhyme-as-reason effect)
  • stand out (the bizarreness effect)
  • make them laugh (the humour effect – yep, it’s really called that)


So when we come up with names, we’ll keep half a brain on those effects (assuming they’re right for your brief and your brand).

We’ll keep the other half spare for moments of madness. A great name can come from anywhere and take any form, so we don’t constrain ourselves too much.

If you need help presenting the names onto other teams, we can help with that too. Behavioural science has plenty to say about how to organise information to make it easy for people to decide between options.

For instance, we know that if you just show people a name as a word on a slide, it’s hard for them to picture it in real life. So you need to use colours, logos, straplines and anything else you can to make it feel real.

Naming systems

Your product names are very visible. People see them as soon as they go into your shop, or onto your website. So if they’re a mess, that’s the impression people will get of your brand too.

Wrangling your names into families and naming them consistently makes you seem seriously slick. That’s a naming system (also known, somewhat pretentiously, as a naming architecture, hierarchy, or nomenclature system). And it’s great for your customer experience too, because it makes your products easier to cross-sell, or choose between.

“So far Schwa have named Worklifelabs, and our soon-to-launch app, They’ve been quick, creative and just as good (if not better) than a massive agency but without all the months of expensive strategy.”


Nick Goldberg
Executive vice president, Worklifelabs

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