What we do

We work with senior leaders all over the world, as well as people in customer experience, marketing and brand, HR, L&D and finance on their brand communications, using our behavioural and linguistic expertise.

We always start with what you’re looking to achieve, which means our work doesn’t always fit into neat little boxes. But what we do often falls into one of the big categories below.

Behavioural science

Give us a business problem, and we’ll come up with and test potential solutions.

Tone of voice

(Also known as brand voice, or verbal identity, confusingly.)

We’ll define a tone of voice that fits your business, and that’s practical enough to work in the real world. And most importantly, we’ll roll it out across your organisation.


We tackle big or tricky writing projects, from entire websites and customer journeys through to speeches and thought leadership.


We have six core workshops:

Brilliant business writing, based on Neil’s book
The intro to behavioural science
Making your tone of voice last
Leaders and language
HR, language and change
Brilliant presenting

But we can tailor and combine them to match whatever you need.


Did we mention Ocado? Or The Economist’s Intelligent Life magazine? Our team have named huge brands, and designed naming systems for multinational businesses. (Neil’s written a book about that too.)


We write, host and produce podcasts. Mainly because we like them. Have a listen to ours or the series about family businesses with our friends at GW+Co.

Give us a call on +44 (0)20 3890 7910 or email info@schwa.consulting to talk about how we could help you.