Hiring managers, don’t lose your best candidates

You’ve got your employer brand.

You’ve got your EVP (employee value proposition).

You’ve got potential candidates.

So why, just as those candidates delve deeper, do you cool off?

Perhaps you don’t even know you’re doing it. But if the personal, upbeat style of your careers pages or recruitment campaigns (join the family, be part of something special etc.) slips into something distant and formal (the role holder will be responsible for, ability to work on own initiative essential) as soon as candidates read about specific roles, you could be putting off your best applicants. They’ll start to wonder: what kind of organisation am I really trying to join? The one with the brand I fell for, or the one with the hiring process that’s making me stumble?

It doesn’t have to be this way. Here are three ways to improve your candidate experience.

1. Make sure your employer brand covers your full candidate journey

Recruitment campaigns are just the start of your hiring process. Make sure all the words your candidates see (in job descriptions, role profiles, interview emails and so on) stick to the same tone.

2. Train your HR and internal comms teams

Even if you have agencies helping you build your campaigns, chances are they won’t write everything. Make sure your people feel confident capturing the spirit of your business when they write or talk to candidates, too.

3. Make sure your consumer and employer brands match

If your brand is well known, candidates will already have a picture of what working for you might be like, long before they apply for a job. (I for one would be devastated if I joined Innocent and I didn’t have, or at least sit near a banana phone.) So, build an employer brand that reflects the language and tone applicants already expect from your consumer brand. After all, you can’t hire everyone and with luck (and a good candidate experience) those applicants you say ‘no’ to will still be customers for years to come.

If you think your candidate experience needs a little more love, give us a call. We’d be happy to help.

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