Corporate training

Writing. Storytelling. Presenting (in the room, and on Zoom). PowerPoint that doesn’t suck. Behavioural science. Masterclasses for leaders. Masterclasses on empathy.

Whatever the subject, we’ve combined everything we know about communication with a little psychology to create training that sticks.

That’s face-to-face or virtual; ninety minutes to year-long programmes; one-to-one coaching or company-wide events.

We’re big believers in the generation effect (or learning by doing).

So there’ll be no sitting through lectures. We’ll give you a few tools and techniques, then get you to apply them. Sometimes we partner with actors, authors and comedians for masterclasses with even more of a twist.

We know how easy it is to leave a corporate training session with good intentions, only to slip back into bad habits a few weeks later. The spacing effect says you’re more likely to keep up the good work if you get tips, top-ups and nudges in the months after your first session.

They grabbed our attention right from the outset – balancing fun with evidence, bringing relevant examples to life and challenging the way we think about language and communication. Their effortless and effervescent style made the session a real joy - you don’t notice just how transformative they are.

Helen Lowe, head of operations, EasyJet

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