Behavioural science consultancy

People, eh? We don’t do what we say will. We don’t act how we think. And more often than not, we make decisions with our hearts instead of our heads. 

All business problems are people problems. Move them, and the numbers will soon follow. Here’s what you need to do.

1. Get precise. We’ll help you get specific and define exactly what behaviour you’d like to see. Not ‘exercise more’, but ‘go for a walk three times a week’, for example.

2. Get to know the barriers. It’s too hard, too time-consuming, too boring. Using COM-B  we get to the bottom of your barriers, then find ways round them.   

3. Get thinking. Ideas are everything. In the past couple of years, ours have made pension processes slicker, nudged people to finish their bank’s ‘onboarding’, and helped more passengers reach their flights on time.

4. Get the numbers. It’s called behavioural science because it’s measurable. With A/B tests, trials, and surveys, we’ll get you watertight results to show off to stakeholders. 

Changing behaviour once is one thing; forming a habit is quite another. As behaviour experts, we’ll work with you to make sure the change sticks and becomes part of the day-to-day.

We put Schwa to the test, and they delivered. Their work has increased our sales, got more clients turning up to meetings with us, and saved us a load of work. And they got our team excited about behavioural science along the way, too.

Caroline Armstrong, operations director, LHH

Need something to stick?

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