Concreteness, or why you should get specific

We find it much easier to grasp ideas that feel real. And interestingly, this is one of the things the business world finds it hardest to do.

How should you use it?

A really easy fix is to watch out for abstract nouns: solution, platform, strategy. We can’t hold these things in our hands; they take a little more cognitive processing. So make it real: would you rather use an online romance solution or a dating app?

Where can you learn more about it?

There are lots of studies on this one, but our favourite practical application might be the NHS’ ‘Couch to 5k’ app. It’s had far more take-up than other fitness apps – ones that make more nebulous promises of ‘health’ and ‘wellbeing’. We think it’s all down to the rock-hard concreteness of the, er, couch.

Need something to stick?

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