Can a brand rhyme its way to rave reviews?

Zen Auto

Building a brand that gets drivers talking

We started working with Zen Auto in 2018 to help them develop and launch their new brand. Along the way, we discovered potential leasers were drawn to ads that rhymed (it’s a long story).

So we started having fun with their tone – creating guidelines and customer comms that captured the joys of leasing in rhyming headlines. (There’s behavioural science at play here too: the rhyme as reason effect shows we’re more likely to believe messages that rhyme.) 

But, of course, a rhyme can only take you so far. The team really wanted Trustpilot reviews from customers, too. So, using the Zen Auto tone (rhymes included) we wrote an email to nudge customers to give feedback.

The result?
Reviews rocketed.

Within a week, Zen Auto had ten times more reviews, and 90% of them were for the full five stars. 

If you’re interested, here are a few more of our online rhymes.

The team at Schwa took the insight we had gathered, spent time getting to really know our team and used some behavioural science wizardry to develop a tone of voice that was not only unique to us but has directly impacted our website conversion rates.

Vicky Kerridge, head of customer experience and brand

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