A brief history of Neil

I’m Neil, one of the founders. I mainly spend my life running workshops and training people - my mum once said ‘your job is just showing off really, isn’t it?’

I like training because it’s rarely about what it seems. Training someone to write or present better unearths all this deep-seated stuff – about people’s own insecurities, what the corporate culture allows them to do, or even why they daren’t go against what their English teacher taught them thirty years ago.

And my favourite behavioural study is the one with the doctors and the sweets.

If you want me to chat to your audience on a podcast or at a talk, I mainly discuss: 

• The myth that you need to talk to business customers differently to consumers

• Why business people cling to jargon and formality, even when all the evidence says it doesn’t work

• Five words never to use in business comms

• Why the FCA is having to force financial firms to make themselves understood

I’ve popped up in places like CNN, the BBC, The Economist, Evening Standard and Fortune talking about language and business.

Writers, trainers, behavioural scientists

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