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The problem with your customers and colleagues is that they’re people.
Irrational, emotional, fickle people.

Well, we love that.

Lots of projects in business and communications fail because they don’t take account of how human beings really tick.

We do. We’re a team of psychologists, writers and trainers who use behavioural science and tone of voice to improve your customer experience, comms and culture. Then we measure the difference it makes. We can even train you to do it, too.

So if you’ve got a business problem, give us a call. We can get your response rates up, push complaints down, or change how your people work.

And because we have no project managers, no account managers and no juniors, you’ll always talk to the people who’re really doing the do.

What we think

  • Let’s play a game of ‘guess who?’. Here are three brand stories from three startup type companies. I’ve anonymised the giveaway bits, so you tell me: who’s talking? 1. We started with a problem. The [X] industry is broken – it’s built on layers of middlemen and outdated systems. So…

    Here’s a thing Trump tweeted today: What do you notice about the tone? What struck me is how much he sounds like every Bond villain there’s ever been. The pretending everything’s fine even when it isn’t. The militaristic posturing. The exclamation marks. It’s all there, so obvious I can’t believe…

    There are a few questions tone of voice agencies get asked a lot. But there’s one that comes up way more than the rest: how do we build flex into our tone of voice? My answer’s always the same: don’t. Here’s why: 1. If you have a flexible tone of…

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*And if you're wondering what Schwa means,
it's the most common vowel in English.
If you don't believe us, have a look at Wikipedia.

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